List of Best iOS Controls

Apple dedicates very much for all the aspects relate to them, both users and developers. IOS controls becomes one of the very interesting topic to talk if you are now so interesting to be the iOS developers, or people who develop some softwares and apps for iOS. So you need to learn many things from apple itself if you want to be a successful iOS developers, by knowing about iOS controls and other things you need to notice. You should visit iOS developers guide, it can help you a lot. Finally here are the details.


These days, there are so many world’s most advanced mobile os which offers everything you need to design beautiful, engaging apps that radiate power and simplicity as well. All the app designer has the same opportunity to provide any extraordinary product which can be in the top of app store charts. It is that every app developers really want the most in life, because top chart in app store also means huge revenue.

Therefore, you need to meet the high expectations of app users by giving any good quality and functionality product. Unless it will only meant nothing. There are some themes you can use and consider for developing any apps for the iOS. Each will be characterized based on the trend and themes. You can choose the themes of clarity, deference, and depth.

Best iOS Controls

If you want to have the good iOS controls,  below we have the full list of the iOS controls for which test complete and also provides extended support. So you can try one of them.

  1. iOS ActionSheet
  2. iOS AlertView
  3. iOS Button
  4. iOS Cocoa controls
  5. iOS DatePicker
  6. iOS infragistics
  7. iOS NavigationBar
  8. iOS PageControl
  9. iOS PickerView
  10. iOS ScrollView
  11. iOS Segment
  12. iOS SegmentedControl
  13. iOS Slider
  14. iOS Stepper
  15. iOS Switch
  16. iOS TabBar
  17. iOS TableView
  18. iOS TableViewCell
  19. iOS TextView
  20. iOS TextEdit
  21. iOS Toolbar
  22. iOS UI Controls
  23. iOS WebView
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