How to Pair iOS Bluetooth Controller

Playing the game will be very interesting to do in our smartphone especially in iOS device. There are some cool games you can download in the app store you can play and enjoy anytime and anywhere. Let’s mention some popular games such  as zynga poker, faster than light, monument valley, and many more. The game can be played only by the mfi (made for iOS) controller, which means that only controller with MFi certification which can be compatible with any iOS device. Right here we are going to discuss about the iOS bluetooth controller, we hope you can get it.

About iOS Bluetooth Controller


With the release of iOS 7 in the end of 2013, iOS standardized gamepad controller support for any iOS device, this just like how apple certified the iphone or ipad accessories like the lightning cables. For playing your favorite game, you can use many types of controller, including iOS bluetooth controller. This will be a super cool device, as you can use it wirelessly, which means you do not need to plug it.

Tips to Find iOS Bluetooth Controller

The controllers are offered in various options, and also from various brands. They come with certain of features as well. Some of the iOS game controllers even include a mount that locks your iphone in place, then it allows you to use the iOS device like a portable game console, so you can hold it on your hands. Most of the controllers are wirelessly via bluetooth, so just say thanks to the developers which makes it such so stunning and simple. To pair your iOS device with any iOS bluetooth controller, the step will be easy. You only need to put the controller into pairing mode. Go to setting on your iOS device, and then tap bluetooth. Tap the controller to pair it with your iOS device.

iOS bluetooth controller can be found in the market, you can find it in some popular places like walmart, and many more. Beside, you also can find them online. The online retailers such as amazon and ebay wil offer you hundred choices of iOS bluetooth controller in variety of price ranges and brands. Make sure that your game controller is compatible to your own device, and uses mfi certification. If you have the jailbroken device, you also can try to install the controllers for all in the cydia app. It allows you using the non non-mfi controllers like sony’s playstation 4 controller to work like any mfi controllers. However, jailbreak will be so much risky for your own device.

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