Choosing The Best iOS Game Controller

Playing the game is the hobby of many people. These days, games are designed for mobile phone. So people can play the game anywhere and anytime. If the past few years we only can play game in playstation connected to a tv, now you can play it even on your own phone or pad. IOS offers the amazing fun to its users, so people can play hundred games available in app store to download. There are some cool games for iOS developed by many games developers. For the more comfort, you will need any iOS game controller. So you can comfortably play various games on your iOS device.


The game controller provides physical controls to trigger actions in your game. Apple has specified the behavior and look of the iOS game controller to the MFi accessory manufacturers. Mfi stands for made for iOS, which means that only game controller with apple certification which can be compatible with any iOS device. There are some popular MFi controller you can find in the market, let’s mention hori manufacturer from japan which makes horipad with premium feel when used in both iphone and ipad, or apple tv.

With any iOS game controller, you can configure any setting of your game, and play the game in mac, iOS device, or apple tv. It works like other normal gameplay with a normal controller. There are many ways to make it works, including by using bluetooth, plugged directly into a device, or standalone controller or a controller fitted directly to an iOS device. When you are purchasing the iOS game controller, make sure as well that it is compatible with a certain OSx. Some controllers are compatible with iOS 8 and later, but not to iOS 7. So if you still use iOS 7, find another controller that will support you.

Popular iOS Game Controller

There are various popular brands or names of iOS game controller that you can find in some stores such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, or other popular store online and offline. The price will vary, started from around $30, the highest may reach $300.

Let’s mention the popular names such as horipad, it is a japanese video game accessory. How about Logitech Powershell Controller with Battery? This game controller also will be super cool that will be compatible to iOS 5 and later. We also recommend you Toten One Design Ipad Fling Game Controller, it is another very cool iOS game controller for any game lovers.  You also can consider to have the Tylt Energi 5k+ Battery Pack, this controller has a built in lightning cable and micro-usb cables, with led indicator that makes you know how much battery power is remaining.

Finally, when choosing the best iOS Game Controller, it fully depends on you. You can consider based on budget, because different controller is offered in different price as well. The features could be different as well, so it will depends on your preference.

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