Everything You Should Notice About iOS Controller

Following the new development of touch screen handphone in the world, there are also many companies developing the new features such as game. Mobile gaming is then so popular these days, used by almost all users of the smartphone, including iphone and ipad. It brings to mind swiping around on a touch screen, you do not need to use any clunky touch controls. The iOS developers support physical game controllers you can use for playing your favorite game in your iOS device. iOS controller also allows you to use the tactile controls with an ipad. ios-controller The game controller unfortunately cannot be used by all the smartphone device, because some android device cannot support it. Apple is one step better, let’s mention its product such as the Apple TV which supports for MFi controllers for you guys all the gamers in the world.

How To Use Physical iOS Controller

IOS device including iphone, ipad and apple tv fortunately can support the controller for playing game. So, the next question is, how to use physical iOS controller? It will be so easy and simple. Following the release of iOS 7 in 2013, apple also had standardized gamepad controller support for iphones, ipads, and ipod touches. It means that only the controllers developed and certified with apple’s MFi (made for iphone/ipad) certification which can work with games that have implemented MFi controller support. Notice also that some controllers which work for your iOS device include a mount that locks your device in place. It also allows you to use the device like a portable game console. Of course, as the result you hope you can hold it in your hands, to play your favorite games. Some of them also use the physical connection. Therefore, to use it, firstly you need to connect it by plugging them into the lightning port on your own iOS device. The lightning cable itself is certified by apple. The MFi, mostly, only needs to pair it with the wireless connection such as bluetooth. To do this, you only should put the controller into the pairing mode. Then, go to setting app on your iOS device, select bluetooth. To pair the iOS controller with your device, just tap it, and then wait until the controller and device is connected. If you want to use the apple tv to play the game by using a controller, so you also need to run the controller like on your ipad or iphone. Search the MFi game controllers in some stores offline and online, you can search it in amazon as the example. Then, find the MFi controllers you want. Make sure that the product has the warranty that it can workw with any games which support apple’s MFi standard. If you have the jailbroken iOS device, you can try installing the “controllers for all” in the cydia tweak. So, it means you allow the non-MFi controllers to work as MFi-enabled controllers within you iOS device.

Best iOS Controller

horipad After discussing that to play the game with the controller in your iOS device you will need a MFi certification controllers, you might ask what are the examples of the MFi controllers? Here are 3 popular IOS controller you can choose.


Horipad is one of the most popular IOS controller you can find in the market. You can find it in some stores including in Amazon. This MFi controllers price is quite high for some people, offered at $79.99. This battery is Rechargeable lithium polymer with 20 hours battery life. It has parallel thumbsticks, and of course it is very comfortable to use with Numbered LED indicators, Power button and also the Pause button. The horipad is one of the part of hori’s creation, he is a Japanese video game accessory maker. Hori makes various game accessories such as amiibo cases, portable HD console monitors,  console gamepads, until the gamepad designed specifically for iOS devices. Horipad is a MFi Wireless Gaming controller supports devices running iOS 7 and later.  It has 6-and-a-half foot long USB cable for charging, also with a stand for holding your device upright while playing. This will be a good choice iOS controller to use everyday, to accompany you playing game from the iOS.


Have you heard about CTRL I? This is another popular iOS controller you can find in the market from the Mad Catz. He started making the inexpensive controllers in the late '80s. Beside, he also made other phone accessories such as memory cards, cables and many more. This company has slowly increased from making such the accessories, now expanding to make the flight sticks and the mobile game controllers specialty for the iOS device. The ctrl i will be a cool iOS controller, its price is cheaper than the horipad. So when you consider to choose a good quality but inexpensive iOS controller, you should consider to have this one. It will be very satisfying with its cheap price only at $59.99. How about the battery? It has the two AAA batteries (included) with 30 hours battery life. This iOS controllers also has offset thumbsticks, with Removable click on back of controller of the iOS device holder. What makes this controller becomes so much special? Because it has Four LED lights, power switch and also the Pause button.


From the bunch of iOS controller you can find in the market, NIMBUS is as one of my favorite. It will be super cool, with good material, but lowest price if compared to the other controllers. This cool iOS controller is bandrolled only at $49.95. However, this can serve very good quality and service to you all with Lithium ion rechargeable batteries, until 40 hours battery life. This cool iOS controller also has Parallel Thumbsticks. So what makes this become so special? It also has the Four LED lights, power switch, Pause button and the menu button. Nimbus is the first controller designed specifically for Apple TV. As the first apple tv gamepad, nimbus also can work with other iOS devices. This controller does not look tremendously different with the Stratus XL, both can support iOS device. However, nimbus has more angular design, that surprisingly feels better in the hand if compared to its predecessor. Nimbus' thumbsticks also has the same height as a standard controller, but it feels slightly more responsive than the XL. However, when selecting the iOS controller, it fully depends on you and your preference.